Terms of Use

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Here you can read the terms of use of the following three websites: Home.Linkyou.us, Linkyou.us and Gamerspost.us (further: Linkyou).

Please note that Home.Linkyou.us is mainly a page for a general feature overview and other Linkyou-related information (update logs, new, etc.) which will be published regularly on that site.

This service is powered by Linkyou. By submitting your registration you agree to all of these conditions.

Linkyou can send you newsletters. Linkyou can also send you alerts depending on your profile settings.

Please read our Moderation Guidelines too

For the complete picture, please read our Moderation Guidelines. It provides more information about administrator and moderator involvement, and on the practical use of these Terms of Use.

Click here to read our Moderation Guidelines.

Freedom of Speech

Linkyou aims to take freedom of expression and free speech to the next level. We empower and encourage young writers and people regardless of age and sex to share their opinions, use critical thinking, inform themselves about the current events and ideas of the world. Without Freedom of Content and Freedom of Speech our work would be futile. That’s why we take with such seriousness the ability that allows everyone to speak from their hearts to write articles and inform others about anything which is important for them.

To enforce the Freedom of Content and Free Speech on Linkyou we use the following practices:

Linkyou under any circumstances does not permanently delete any article or content submitted by a user (except in the case when the author deletes the article permanently).

Please note that we cannot identify users or indicate whether the posts, articles, contents, uploaded media, messages, activity updates or other types of posts are trustworthy and authentic. We encourage every author to provide proper references and sources of information, so everybody can study them and make their own conclusion. Providing those is not a requirement. Please also note that Linkyou is in no position to read and check every single article ever written or published on Linkyou.

Linkyou cannot guarantee the importance or the trustworthiness of the information displayed by any article or post. The private messages and the articles are expressing the opinion and beliefs of their authors, not the opinion of our administrators, moderators or the owners of Linkyou.

Content is considered inappropriate if it
– Is illegal or advertises/invites to an illegal activity,
– Is involuntary pornography,
– Promotes or advocates suicide, self-harm or eating disorders,
– Encourages or incites serious violence against life or health (please read more about this below the ‘Treats’ section),
– Advertises sex-related services (excluding fact-finding articles and memoirs),
– Advertises, promotes gambling in any way or includes links to online gambling websites (including official websites of real casinos) with the explicit or implicit reason of getting people to participate in online or offline gambling,
– Promotes or advertises the trading/exchange of digital or physical items on Steam or on any other online platforms,
– Is a Classified ad,
– Is personal and confidential information (excluding whistleblowing, whistleblowers and any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within a group, organization or company),
– Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner,
– Is spam.

If your post’s content falls under the categories mentioned above, your post may not get published, or if it’s already published then it will be unpublished (but never deleted). If that happens you will receive an email with the explanation and the reasoning. After that you may challenge our decision by contacting us through our email or via other methods. After receiving your reply, an administrator or a moderator of our team will review your post again and let you know about it.

For more information about the moderation of these posts, please check out our Moderation Guidelines.

Your Posts and Articles

You may choose to license your posts and your uploaded content under six different licenses on Linkyou (custom licenses are coming). These six licenses were written by the Creative Commons Organization. You can view those licenses at CreativeCommons.org. By default if you don’t choose a license, your post will be published under the Creative Commons’ Attribution – Share Alike 4.0 International license (a free cultural license) under your name and ownership. You can apply other Creative Commons licenses to your posts and media individually, one by one.

If you write or share content (images, articles, other materials) on Linkyou, Linkyou upholds the rights for itself, that Linkyou may distribute your content in digital format on Linkyou (or GamersPost) as a website.

Linkyou may also distribute your article in print and in Linkyou’s apps, programs and other software. We will always include your username, avatar and profile link.


Without anonymity, there is no freedom of speech.

At Linkyou we respect your right to anonymity. On our sites your are not required to use or even to enter your real name or your location of residence.
When registering our system only asks for an active email address and a username. You are completely allowed to access our sites through VPNs and through other methods which can potentially hide your real location and your IP address. We promote using email providers which are reputable and offering a permanent service, but you are also allowed set up your very own email on your server or you can use 5-minute email providers.

Your uploaded Media

Linkyou is not responsible for your uploaded data and media. You are the only one who is responsible for your uploaded files, including your uploaded pictures, audio files, videos, content and other types of material.

We do Not collect statistics on our users’ uploading habits and activities, and we do Not surveil your Media Library.

Linkyou may delete those files which violates copyright(s) (including intellectual property) after a cease& desist notification from the copyright holder.

So in short: You should not upload, for example a whole book or a full movie (without the owner’s permission), but can upload other materials, like: company logos, etc.

If we delete your uploaded file you will get noticed via email (more about this in our Moderation Guidelines).

Please note that Linkyou cannot guarantee accessibility of these files and materials in 0-24 hours (occasional system upgrades, bug fixes, improvements, server fixes, unexpected problems, etc.)

Your Comments

You may use your free speech and comment what you would like to say below posts and articles, even if it’s critical or it might hurt the feelings of the recipient. As mentioned above, we do not wish to create a safe space. We do not moderate commends, surveil or close comment sections. The author of the post neither does have the authorization, nor the permission to disable/close down comment sections or delete comments made by other users.

Linkyou Database

You agree to store your posts, articles, pictures, videos, audio files and other types of material (including your user and account information) in the Linkyou database. Linkyou has the right to store that data and use that data for anonymous statics and security backups.

Linkyou does not provide any third-party service or company with any data collected by or through Linkyou.

Pending Posts page

Because our Pending Posts page display mostly unchecked and non-moderated posts, articles, videos, etc. they may contain illegal, violating, brutal, morbid or even worse kinds of content. Please note that Linkyou cannot guarantee any kind of safety, and under no circumstances shall Linkyou be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered that is claimed to have resulted from the use of this feature.

Community Principles

You agree that you do not use our system to commit illegal actions.

Linkyou has the right to delete or deny access to your profile after prior notification, if you are unlawfully impersonating an other person/people/company or you are using an e-mail address or highly personal information of an individual, especially if the username:
– Is a copyright of a company or organization,
– Violates the rights of other person or company.

Linkyou has the right to refuse (in the cases written above) the service to those registered members after a prior notification and active evaluation which also includes involving a user in an active conversation (most likely via email or a ticket).

Please note that Linkyou neither do check, nor can access your private messages and because of that Linkyou is not responsible for their content. You are the only one who is responsible for the content of the messages sent by you.

Under no circumstances shall Linkyou be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered that is claimed to have resulted from the use of Linkyou.

We do not have any plans or intent to lock features behind paywalls.
The registration and the use of our system (creating content, blogging, writing posts, uploading content, adding videos, uploading images, links, etc.) are completely free. No hidden costs. It is just free.

Selling Profiles and Writing for (third-party) Money

In order to provide the most Authentic and Trustful content possible and to save our sites from company, group or government sponsored advertisements in the form of posts and one-sided articles, we have implemented the following practices.

On Linkyou you are NOT allowed to write paid-for posts and articles.
You are not allowed to publicly announce on Linkyou that you intend to sell your Linkyou or any other account.

You are allowed to have sponsors and sponsorships. You are allowed to take a break(s) in your posts to mention and announce your sponsors.
If you intend to sell your profile, you must not announce it on Linkyou, but you may try to find a buyer anywhere else on the internet.

Please note that these Terms and this page can be subject to change without any prior notification by Linkyou.

Happy blogging, writing, reading& watching,
the Linkyou Team