Moderation Guidelines

These guidelines are the very same on both, Linkyou and Gamerz. These guidelines were written and published to ensure and protect the freedoms (freedom of speech, freedom of expression and etc.) of all of our users (including authors and commenters) to their maximum extent.

DISCLAIMER: Linkyou and Gamerz do not aim or meant to provide a safe space for anyone. Our sites’ main purpose is to support and to embody free speech.

Please read our Terms of Use too for a complete picture. Click here to read it.

The Moderation of Posts

Only authors may remove/delete their own posts (including videos, reviews and articles). Moderators and Administrators are not allowed to ‘Delete’ or otherwise ‘Trash’ posts of other users.
Moderation may happen before or after the post was published.

Content is considered inappropriate if it
– Is illegal or advertises/invites to an illegal activity,
– Is involuntary pornography,
– Promotes or advocates suicide, self-harm or eating disorders,
– Encourages or incites serious violence against life or health (please read more about this below the ‘Treats’ section),
– Advertises sex-related services (excluding fact-finding articles and memoirs),
– Advertises, promotes gambling in any way or includes links to online gambling websites (including official websites of real casinos) with the explicit or implicit reason of getting people to participate in online or offline gambling,
– Promotes or advertises the trading/exchange of digital or physical items on Steam or on any other online platforms,
– Is a Classified ad,
– Is personal and confidential information (excluding whistleblowing, whistleblowers and any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within a group, organization or company),
– Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner,
– Is spam.

Only our administrators and moderators are able to moderate posts and media.
(Only) The following actions can be taken upon the moderation of inappropriate content:
– The moderator can ask the author to correct the post to make it appropriate Or,
– Set the post’s status to Draft, ask the author to make correction(s) Or,
– Set the post’s status to Draft and do not allow the post to be published until (re)moderation.

If you do not agree with what the moderator asks from you, please file a Support ticket.
If your post was not (re)moderated within 2 hours after it was made appropriate, please file a Support ticket.

Upon moderation if the post is not inappropriate the moderator should proceed immediately with publishing the post.
If the post lacks the thumbnail the person who is moderating the post must add it to the post, this can be later changed by the author at will.

The Moderation of Media

Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed and will be permanently removed. An image/video/document/other material that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously graphic.
Images/videos/documents/other materials will be permanently removed if they advocate self harm or contain serious gore. Upon receiving a DMCA request from the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content our team will evaluate the request and if the request has any merits and the rules of fair use don’t apply of the mentioned removal the user who has uploaded the content/ file will get a notification via email. After receiving the notification the user has the ability to present his case and explain his reasoning. Our team will consider both sides before making decision of keeping or removing the content/ file in question. Please note that both of the sides have 24 hours to reply. Blatant violations (for instance: the user has uploaded a whole video game, software or movie) will be removed before notifying the user.

The Moderation of Comments

Our administrators and moderators do Not moderate comments.
The author of the post has no capabilities to moderate, unapprove or delete other users’ comments.
On the other hand if a comment is a blatant and obvious form of advertisement it will be unapproved until it is proven otherwise by the author of the comment.

The Disabling of user accounts

If the account’s sole purpose is spamming advertisement and the account has no published posts or articles, it will be deactivated after failing to reply to a warning email.
In other situations the administrators and the moderators are strictly forbidden from disabling accounts.


Death threats and threats of violence should be only taken seriously only if they have a serious tone.
Death threats and other threats of violence in connection with games, gaming, the gaming culture, etc. should be taken with a grain spoonful of salt, because they are (unfortunately) part of the gaming culture.
Any post or media which advocates violence against a group or against individuals who practice a profession (for instance: police officers) with a serious and elaborate tone is considered inappropriate.

Criticizing Others

We do not encourage or support anyone to slander, harass, etc. others, but because Free Speech is our number one priority in line, and because we do not wish to create a safe space for anyone, you should be able to express your opinion and your concerns even if those are very critical. You also have to realize that you are the only one accountable for the content you create.

Criticizing Linkyou or other companies, organizations

It is acceptable for users to criticize Linkyou and other organizations, groups and companies. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, that includes fixing existing problems, improving existing features, re-designing existing elements and creating brand new features for our users.

Copyright and Fair use

Linkyou respects the creators’ right of intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, etc. On the other hand we believe in fair use and the right of users to form their own opinions and educate others on various products and services.
Copyright claim(s) cannot be imposed if the material’s (article, media, file etc.) purpose is:
– Educational Or,
– To Review and/or Criticize a product or service Or,
– To make a Parody Or,
– To Report on news Or,
– To Research Or,
– To Comment and/or Express opinion on those copyrighted works.

If you do not agree with these guidelines, or if you suspect that a moderator is abusing its power, please file a Support ticket immediately.

Happy blogging, writing, reading& watching,
the Linkyou Team